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Whether vinyl, wood, or clad-style windows, as an AAMA "Installation Masters Certified" window and door installer, Sound Renovation offers a full range of high-performance, energy efficient replacement window options from the industry’s leading manufacturers. You reduce your heating and cooling costs while adding beauty and comfort to your home — and you help the environment.
Our window styles include double-hung, casement, picture, acoustic and many others — plus sliders, patio doors, and more — all ENERGY STAR® Qualified. You choose from:
  • Low-Emittance (Low-E)) Windows — with a Low-E coating that diminishes heat transfer, while reducing ultraviolet light, which harms carpets, fabrics, and drapes.
  • Low-E/Argon Gas Windows — with a Low-E coating plus heavy insulating vapor between panes, resulting in glazing that inhibits the flow of air.
  • Low E/Krypton Gas Windows — the industry’s most advanced energy-efficient windows, combining a Low-E coating with the heaviest insulating gas/glazing available in replacement windows.
We install products from a variety of manufacturers, highlighted by top-of-the-line windows.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows often require trim replacement. At Sound Renovation, we are a "Certified Renovator" of the E.P.A. which allows us to test and remove lead paint safely.


Ask about our wide selection of exterior storm and entrance doors.

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