Slate / Tile / Composite Roofing

A roof of slate or clay tile is in a class all its own, naturally graceful and timelessly elegant. Sound Renovation offers rustically beautiful Evergreen slate tiles from the finest quarries of Vermont, Ludowici clay tiles shaped from Ohio shale, and other natural tiles – all installed by expert craftsman. We are a certified Gold Star Installer of EcoStar tiles, so quality installation is assured.

You take advantage of:

  • An enduring look that is always in style, with materials straight from the earth
  • Many design, size and color options, including clay tiles in custom glazed colors
  • Tiles from virtually every leading manufacturer
  • Durable materials that protect your home from the elements
  • An expected roof life of 75 years or more – the last roof you’ll ever need
  • Enhanced beauty and curb appeal derived from environmentally friendly materials
Best of all, your roof is installed by Sound Renovation professionals, ensuring you of the highest quality materials and truly outstanding workmanship.

The Appeal of Slate in a Man-Made Alternative

If slate or clay is not within your budget, we offer a cost-efficient alternative:  the look and feel of natural slate via EcoStar® Premium Roofing Tiles or Tamko Building Products.  These composite roofing alternatives employ recycled polymers in rubber and plastic-based tiles.  The result offers the beauty of slate at a fraction of the cost and weight.

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