Functional and fashionable, a gutter and leader system is essential in the protection of your home from water damage. Therefore the proper installation of your gutter system is crucial. Sound Renovation’s experienced craftsman can install the right gutter system to solve your needs. As a “Certified Leaf Relief Contractor”, we can also install a patented designed gutter protection system to allow water to flow freely through your gutters.

What type of gutters should I use?

There are different styles of gutters and leaders. We can evaluate your home to determine the appropriate size gutters and proper placement of leaders, to maximize your systems’ effectiveness. Although gutters play and intricate role in protecting your home, you may also want to consider the aesthetic value they add. Our skilled installation professionals can install a gutter system with different metal and color options that provide:
  • The classic old world look that is always in style with a ½ round gutter
  • A clean streamline look with a seamless OG or “K” style gutter
  • Choice of smooth round or round corrugated leaders
  • Choice of 2x3 or 3x4 rectangular leaders
Let Sound Renovation, add curb appeal, value and protect your home with a new gutter and leader system that fits your budget. If it’s a “Yankee” or built-in gutter that you need, our skilled craftsman can fabricate and install the profile you desire.

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